Connecting clients with the expertise of healthcare professionals – Our panel services are here to help you make informed decisions!

Improving the healthcare industry through data-driven insights

As a healthcare panel research company, we specialize in collecting insights and data from healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Our expertly curated panels and cutting-edge research methods allow us to gather valuable information on a wide range of topics, from patient experiences to healthcare policy.

Our healthcare panel research services are designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare-related initiatives. Whether it’s improving patient care, developing new treatments, or advancing healthcare policy, we are here to help our clients achieve their goals through cutting-edge research and expert analysis.

Panel Services

Survey Programming

Data Processing


Panel Services

We build and maintain a panel of healthcare professionals and patients, that offer a convenient and efficient way for healthcare companies and organizations to gather insights and feedback on a variety of topics.


Survey Programming

We helps clients to design and implement surveys that collect accurate and actionable data. We ensure that the survey is user-friendly, efficient, and effective in collecting the desired data.

Data Processing

We provide valuable resource for clients who need to transform raw data into meaningful insights. We help clients in converting, cleaning, and organizing data to make it usable for analysis and decision-making.


Empowering the healthcare decisions with customized market research solutions.


Custom Market Research

  • Online web / mobile interviewing
  • Qualitative research recruitment

Advanced Sampling

  • Mobile first qual or quant interviews
  • Micro-qual; Micro-quant surveys
  • Webcam interviews

Custom Communities

  • Medium to long term research engagements
  • Multi mode research programs
  • Co-opted from Boltz Research MROC

Observational Research

  • Interventional and Non-intrusive
  • In Clinic Physician – patient interaction research

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Boltz Research is a market research firm that connects healthcare professionals and industry. We conduct quantitative and qualitative market research in the healthcare, pharma, and medical devices industry sectors.


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